May 9, 2017


It is vital that Virginia continue to improve its environment. We have made progress in recent years, particularly in making healthier  the Chesapeake Bay and the waterways that feed it. A recent report by the University of Maryland indicated that the Bay is healthier than it has been in many years. Oysters, crabs, and fish among other life  is making …

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April 29, 2017


Freedom is one of the most important values of America. We want a maximum amount of freedom with a minimum amount of outside control. Some people seem to equate freedom with smaller government. In some areas that may be true. But often we need government to maximize our freedom. There are always forces that seek to control or harm us. …

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April 9, 2017


We are within $100 of our first campaign finance goal of $10,000. You can help us reach that goal by contributing at or go to my website or send a check to Friends of Steve Aycock, 7 Baldwin Drive, Fredericksburg,VA 22406

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April 6, 2017

Medicaid Expansion

Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates have once again blocked efforts to provide health care to 400,000 poor, disabled, and elderly Virginians. Medicaid expansion would have also added almost a billion dollars annually to the Virginia economy benefitting all Virginians and hospitals who are struggling without these funds. The incumbent in the 88th District voted against accepting these federal …

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